the power of EQ

In all the work we do for our clients, whether the project is a complete rebranding or just the reskinning of their website, we try to understand what their brand is all about first. This means defining not only what they do but also who they are – what their personality is, what they stand for, what sets them apart.

Because in a crowded marketplace, defining who you are – in all your grainy uniqueness – is often the best way to stand out from your competitors.

So how would we define our own brand, Equus? There are many ways we could do that, but we decided to use seven words beginning with the first two letters of our name, EQ. A lighthearted take perhaps, and a timely reminder that a brand has to have EQ as well as IQ to compete. So not as arbitrary a link as it sounds.

The Trojan Horse was a secret weapon of considerable ingenuity, and as far as our clients are concerned, so is our creativity. On the outside, our work is very engaging. On the inside, it packs a real strategic punch. So perhaps it isn’t a coincidence our name means ‘horse’ in Latin.


With the differentiation, customer loyalty and premium pricing a well managed brand offers, it could easily be your greatest asset. But brand equity is worth just about as much as you invest in it. If you look after your brand, it’s worth a lot. If you don’t, it’s worth very little. Everything Equus does is dedicated to building our clients’ brand equity.


Equus was born in equatorial Asia, where the hours of light and dark are always equally matched. So as day succeeds night and pinstripes swap with pyjamas, the Equus team embraces the contrasts of two hemispheres, in a creative blend of East and West.


Managing design can be full of challenges, not all of them very predictable. Whatever the challenge may be, Equus prides itself on delivering solutions with a smile, come rain or shine.


There aren’t many design companies who can ’see’ a brand in 3D, and handle each dimension equally well. With our integrated branding, communications and environmental design skills, brand owners looking for a single custodian for their brand need look no further. Equus has every angle covered.


At Equus, there are no prima donnas, no top guns. We have an egalitarian spirit, believing that the best creative work results from a partnership of equals. Equals with our clients, equals with our associates, equals with our suppliers, equals with each other.


For Equus, client advocacy and integrity are two sides of the same coin. We are renowned for our honesty and the impartiality of our advice, even sometimes when it costs us to be like this. In the long run, we believe a good reputation is far more valuable than short term financial gain, because in this way we earn the enduring trust of our clients.