The Brandits Episode 5: Brand Experience Design

In this episode of the Brandits, hosts Andrew Thomas and Colin Anderson discuss the importance of ‘brand experience design’, particularly for service brands like hospitality and those in the retail space. Our hosts share their personal experience and debate the following:

  • • Why Brand Experience Design is the new ‘must have’ for brands
  • • How one bad customer experience can destroy a brand, overnight
  • • Why the entire customer experience has to be consistent with the brand
  • • How to design a good brand experience, step by step
  • • How ‘failure recovery’ handled well can make a brand stronger. 

For more read: ‘Why Brand Experience Design is the new ‘must have’ for brands’ – Part 2

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About the Brandits:

The Brandits is a monthly podcast hosted by Andrew Thomas and Colin Anderson, where they go head-to-head on all things branding and design. Together they dive deep into the evolution of brands, and discuss how culture and current affairs are shaping and changing the creative industry. Who knows, they might even start talking about their favourite nasi briyani place, or other fetishes. Join in on the conversation at Spotify or Apple Podcast.