our vision

Our vision is to be the most creative branding consultancy in SE Asia, with a borderless capability and a global reputation for design excellence. And to be the best in terms of the quality of our product, the service we give to clients and the care we take of each other and the world around us.

What do we do?
We provide strategy-led branding consultancy and integrated design services covering identity, print, interactive, environments, packaging and advertising.

What’s different about what we offer?
Without exception, brand-owners today face two key issues: how to differentiate their brand from the competition, and how to express that difference consistently and seamlessly across all media, and wherever their customers come into contact with the brand.

We offer the solution to both problems. Our thinking and creativity bring clarity and differentiation to the brand. Our integrated branding, online and offline design skills bring coherence and consistency to every expression of that difference.

In short, we can see a brand in more than one dimension; and there are few design companies out there who share that ability.

However, there is one thing about being Equus that is very important. We are never satisfied. We always think we can do better. And, despite our current success, we still see a gap between our vision and what we are fully able to deliver. But while we wish we were ‘there’ already, this creative tension, this hunger to do better is actually very healthy… so watch this space. We might surprise you.