A celebration of Equus down
the ages

horse tales

Not many of you will know that our name means ‘Horse’ in Latin, and to mark our 20th anniversary in 2014, we produced a fun little book on horses.

By happy coincidence 2014, was also the Year of the Horse, so as we were 20 years old in July of that year we decided to write a book containing 20 stories about horses. Called ‘Horse Tales – A Celebration of Equus Down the Ages,’ the book offers a light-hearted take on the horse as seen in biology, in history, in culture, and in the popular imagination. It also concludes with a glossary of 20 familiar horse-related metaphors or sayings in the English language, explaining their origins and usage, such as “Don’t flog a dead horse” and “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”. If you don’t know what these sayings mean, then you’d better read the book!

Designed and illustrated in eclectic style by various members of the Equus team, if you’re lucky enough to get hold of it (feel free to ask), we’re confident this lexicon of horsiness will inform and entertain you for at least as long as it takes you to skim through it. Being designers, we are realistic about limited attention spans, after all….

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