happy birthday to us!

2014 is definitely a year to celebrate, the more so as Equus turned 20 and it’s the lunar year of the Horse… As you may recall our name means ‘Horse’ in Latin. Coincidence? We think not!

So appropriately enough we held our 20th anniversary dinner at Riders Café, located at Bukit Timah Saddle Club. One of the most popular themed cafés in the country, Riders Café was the perfect venue – a colonial café situated in the middle of some old stables, surrounded by jungle away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. The refreshing smell of horses lazing around and breaking wind in the stables all added to a memorable experience!

The turnout was boisterous, with about 60 Equus staff both past and present, as well as our tried and trusted suppliers coming together to wine, dine and reminisce about the good old days. Each guest was presented with two new Equus books, Horse Tales and the Ideas Shop. Both the result of collaborations involving different generations of Equus designers, photographers, stylists, illustrators and others.




And then there was the food. We were all hungry enough to eat a horse, and the menu didn’t disappoint. The ginger-soy glazed baked salmon, Moroccan chicken with saffron, tomatoes, dried fruits & almonds, as well as the rosemary lamb skewers were especially awesome (in my opinion!) — I must have gone for at least three rounds! Oh, and there was free flow of beer and wine too! Sounds like a party? You bet.



We had a dedicated photo booth for past and present generations of Equus, complete with Equus- themed props. Our roving photographers Michelle and Marcus took picture after picture, documenting the memories of the night.




The climax of the night was definitely the cake-cutting and popping of champagne corks by Andrew, Cindy and Chay Hwa. Andrew our head honcho gave a warm, heartfelt thank-you speech to all who were present.

To cap the magical night off, we managed to squeeze every single person into one picture – definitely one of the more epic photographs I have ever seen. As everyone stumbled out of the café half-drunk with bursting stomachs, a good night was had by all, and a fitting tribute to 20 years of the good ship Equus.

Happy birthday once again to us!