Equus Lights up Leung Sang’s Flagship Store

We were asked to refresh the famous Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries brand to help them in their expansion plans, which included designing their flagship store in Bugis. Little did we know that it would cause an unexpected buzz on social media.

At Equus it’s one of our core principles that when our clients embark on their branding journey with us, we see ourselves as partners in their business success. As far as we’re concerned it’s a joint effort – we create (or recreate) our client’s brands, together with them. Following on from that, we believe that each brand is a story waiting to be told, a unique narrative that related in the right way, will resonate with their target audience. But it’s only the client who can tell that story. We merely help to draw it out, and then we give them the tools to express it. To put it simply, if we do our job well, it’s about “When you shine, we shine too.”

And ‘shining’ is literally what we helped one of our clients to do – a traditional Hong Kong bakery called Leung Sang 良辰美點. We were hired to revitalise their brand, breathing new life and relevance into it, so that they could attract a younger demographic. Our assignment included designing their flagship store, located at 247 Victoria Street, Bugis. And to help give it an authentic Hong Kong vibe, we proposed a typical Hong Kong style neon sign in-store, playing with Cantonese and English words.

This is a Tiktok reel by The Smart Local featuring Leung Sang as one of their photo opp spots, standing in front of the Hong Kong style neon light we designed. Credit: TikTok @The Smart Local

Their most signature product is the famous Hong Kong egg tart, so the neon sign flashes the words “Tart唔Tart啊?” off and on, which in Cantonese sounds like “Can or Cannot,” while also conveying the playful meaning of “Wanna get some tarts?“. Little did we know that this luminous creation would transcend its intended purpose, becoming an unexpected sensation on social media. “The Smart Local” had listed Leung Sang flagship store at Bugis as a recommended photo spot, effectively transforming the store into one of Singapore’s trendiest photo ops. #freepress #notsponsored

Click to see the Tiktok reel here.

Which just goes to underline what we said above – that our journey with Leung Sang was not just about design; it was about telling the authentic story of their brand, and allowing their customers to create memories that show they have made the Leung Sang story, part of their own story.

On that note, let’s talk about how we went about refreshing their brand. So where did we start? Well first of all we interviewed Leung Sang’s founder and skilled pastry chef, Chiak Sang, aka Ah Sang. We found out that he was raised in the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, and trained as a Hong Kong pastry chef there under an acknowledged old master. With decades of culinary experience under his belt, he seized an opportunity to introduce his unique Hong Kong baking techniques to the Singaporean market.

Leung Sang’s first outlet at Jalan Membina in Tiong Bahru. Very local in feel, and popular because of the tasty pastries Leung Sang is famous for, but we thought it ‘undersold’ the brand. Photo: Google Maps

He opened his first outlet in Chinatown almost 40 years ago, with a very local style design which ‘undersold’ his brand. So we decided to focus on his Hong Kong background as what set him apart from the many similar offerings in Singapore. And as a tribute to his ethnic and culinary roots, we decided to give his new flagship Bugis outlet a very Hong Kong retro vibe, driven by the nostalgic aesthetics of the typical Bing Sutt (香港冰室) cafes of the 1950s. But infused with a modern flair. We wanted customers of Leung Sang to go from Oh My to Ho Mei (好味)!

Our assignment included the entire design of their flagship store, inside and out, including the storefront, signage, interior design and furnishings, with the aim of enhancing the customer experience and attracting attention to the freshly baked goods.

Our design for the Leung Sang flagship store at Victoria Street, with the neon light feature on the side wall

We also designed the interior including the space planning, to ensure Leung Sang’s baked pastries would shine

Our design for Leung Sang’s flagship store interiors was inspired by the typical features of the Bing Sutt cafes of 1950s Hong Kong, infused with a modern flair

Beyond the physical space we also designed their own signature packaging. With a unique space-saving design that packs flat when not in use, our packaging design also incorporated strategically placed holes for air ventilation, preserving the freshness of their baked goods once purchased. We also took the design a step further by including specially tailored compartments to securely hold the pastries in transit, preventing them from being crushed.

Our unique design for Leung Sang’s packaging incorporated air holes to preserve freshness, specially tailored compartments to protect the pastries in transit, and could be packed flat, saving space instore

The previous Leung Sang packaging design lacked any distinction, and the packs were not practical. Credit: Instagram @foodiebots

We designed a full range of packaging for Leung Sang, including bags and gift boxes

When it comes to marketing we came up with digital initiatives that included a strategic revamping of their website UI, and organic content creation on social media. This effort resulted in an impressive 400% surge in their social media following, in just three months.

The marketing tools we designed for Leung Sang included their website and social media image, as well as instore posters

Our success story with Leung Sang not only highlights the effectiveness of our multifaceted approach to branding, but also reinforces our commitment to elevating brands in both the physical and digital realms.

Here at Equus, we have a genuine passion for iconic heritage brands, and when we get the chance, we love to breathe new life into them. Feel free to explore one of our other heritage brand revamps, LKF’s famous Axe Brand medicated oil, or take a look at our thought piece “Refreshing Heritage Brands”.

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