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JONES keeps it real on the streets with a cool awkwardness, a style statement which says ‘this is how our friends dress, so we can’t be that crazy’. This outsider of street fashion is exclusive in an offbeat, defiant sort of way: it will be launched in Johannesburg, Oslo, New Jersey, Edinburgh and Singapore – the cities whose initials spell out the name. Deliberately lesser known, but all spot-on for that creative mix-and-match zeitgeist.

Every self-respecting designer who considers themselves a paid-up member of the ‘hip’ brigade is into street fashion, either observing it, hunting it, wearing it and, preferably, designing their own label for it too. Well, of course we tick all those boxes (ahem) so naturally we decided to design a retail fashion brand which, modelled on street fashion, imagines a group of designers under one label who pull together collections every season, based on their own wardrobes or those of their friends. So we found a group of Equus ‘friends’ whose personal style we kind of liked (with a few tweaks here and there) and put together our own collection. Called ‘Jones’ we thought it should emerge from under the radar screen too, hence the unusual cities the collections would be sourced and launched from, also the source of the name.

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  • Creative direction, copywriting and design: Equus
  • Graphics: Liquan Liew
  • Photography: CJ Sameer Wadhwa
  • Photo assistants: Alvin Tan, Randy Loh, Ng Chin Siang, Tan Ching Yee
  • Hair and makeup artist: Red Ngoh
  • Wardrobe stylist: Siau Xindi
  • Digital retouching: Rhapsodi Digital Art
  • Official camera support by Nikon
  • Models: Guna, Nina, Henne, Victor, Jonas, Al-Amin